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Nora Fleming

Nora Fleming Fiesta Deep Dish Pie Platter w/ Pitcher Mini

Nora Fleming Fiesta Deep Dish Pie Platter w/ Pitcher Mini

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 Exclusive FIESTA Nora Fleming Twilight Blue Deep Dish Pie Plate.  Nora Fleming teamed up with the American Icon Fiesta to create this beautiful deep dish pie with handles and an exclusive Fiesta Disk Red Pitcher mini.

Imagine one baking plate that changes for every holiday, event or season. All you have to do is remove the mini, add another and presto a whole new look! It works in three easy steps: Dab the hole of your plate with water, insert the decorative mini of your choice, then pull the stem down from the bottom so that the mini sits flush on the ring. Now you can use one dish for EVERY occasion. Start your collection today! All minis are hand painted with care and concern for every detail. Hand wash with soapy water after each use.

Traditional and elegant. Serve everything from quiche to a apple pie in this dish. This deep dish pie plate was made in the USA by FIESTA and is a limited addition, so get it before it is gone forever!! It looks awesome with your other Nora Fleming pieces or your Fiesta pieces - either way you can not go wrong.

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